Manicure and pedicure

There's nothing more concrete and more abstract at the same time as women';s beauty. Beautiful hairstyle, impeccable makeup, stylish clothes create the image of a beautiful appearance, and not well-groomed hands, are capable to dispel the magic of feminine beauty instantly. But it's not only about beauty. From ancient times East healers paid special attention to the hands.

Knowledge of the location of the reflex zones of all the organs of our body on the palms have been extremely useful and in modern performance turned manicure into not only beauty, but also healthy procedure.

Gentle nail care provided by our beauty salon in combination with massage of the hands will retain appearance and health of your hands. After the salon procedures, it is very important to keep the effect of your hands appearance. Take your time to perform the simplest tips from our beauty salon.

For modern man, living an active lifestyle, foot care is not a luxury, but a daily necessity. In translation, the word "pedicure" means "care", "treatment of the feet”.

In fact, the term "pedicure" includes a whole range of measures to take care of your legs: steaming and softening the skin of the foot, remove cuticles, treatment of calluses, corns, ingrown nails , making the correct form of nails, a massage with c urative and preventive cosmetics drawing protective varnish, nail design.

Don’t stop yourself in such a pleasant and health-improving procedure as a foot massage, which is especially useful and effective after a pedicure or infrared saunas.

Our beauty specialists are pleased to offer various types of foot massage : to relieve fatigue, restorative, therapeutic, pinpoint. Being made professionally, this massage literally prolongs a life, normalize the work of the body, improve sleep, mood, will result in harmony all your body's systems.

Regularly, at least once a month do a pedicure. Being done professionally, it will support the health of your feet.







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